Yoga Date Night:

The March 15th night has been cancelled. The next Yoga Date Night will happen on April 19th.


Yoga is the practice of uniting and integrating body, mind and spirit for optimal health.

Couples Yoga provides an opportunity to strengthen the union between partners by practicing mindful (non-sexual) exercises that improve communication, trust, and intimacy. 

During each Yoga Date Night we will explore a variety of movement including partner yoga to practice supporting each other in an embodied way, as well as exercises in healing touch and meditation. During the evening a therapeutic intervention will be introduced that can be practiced at home with the intention of building connection. Exploring your relationship and relationship patterns in a safe environment can transform and strengthen your bond. 

Each date-night will include a special experience in nourishing the senses, such as learning gentle massage techniques, aromatherapy, and sound healing. Delicious and healthy treats and drinks will be provided. 

The evening is facilitated by Malaika Hill-Jones, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The yoga portion of the night is lead by Inertia DeWitt, AMFT, RYT. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with over 7 years experience in teaching and creating unique programs for her students. Inertia practices somatic and expressive arts therapy with her clients, and is passionate about helping others use movement and creativity to find their power and heal.